No Compensation for Students of Shut-Down John Calvin School

Thursday, 17 July, 2008 | 18:30 WIB


TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: According to Andre, the shareholders have not allocated any amount of funds to compensate the students. When asked for his comments about parents having reported this matter to the police, he only commented briefly. “We will wait.”


Andre said the school’s management expects 50 percent of the school building’s rent fee that had been paid, will be returned by the developer. The management has paid a two-year rent fee of Rp 4,8 billion, but has only used the building for a year. The fund, he said, will be “for compensation’. However, he felt this was difficult, since there was no clause in the agreement citing any possible compensation.


Coordinator of JCIS’s former students’ parents’, Rizal Panggabean, said around 70 percent of the students had to find a new school on their own. “Our child was offered a transfer to Saint Peter, but we refused,” he said. “It’s like getting out of the tiger’s cage and into the lion’s mouth.” Apparently, Saint Peter and JCIS share the same management board.


Rizal said, his group will continue to fight for their rights, because many of the parents had spent a lot of money to put their children in JCIS. “We have paid a US$ 3.500 tuition fee, monthly tuition of US$ 4.200 for 12 months, a yearly fee of US$ 250, and books and uniforms that cost Rp 1.950.00,” he said.


However, the school was shut down after only one year of operation. “This is a scam,” said Rizal. “They had promised facilities like a laboratory, a canteen, and an excellent curriculum.” Moreover, Rizal said, he had paid tuition for a three-year program.

They plan to file a lawsuit against JCIS.